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Howdy, thanks for dropping by!

NEW TRACK: "I Hear Numbers"
direct link to the mp3 file: I Hear Numbers, liner notes here

Alt-tuner is a DAW plug-in that retunes your midi keyboard or softsynth. The name comes from alt-tonal, my preferred name for microtonal. Sort of like alt-weekly, alt-rock, etc.

The forums are mostly to provide support for alt-tuner users. Anyone can read them, but you have to register to post. Registration is limited to purchasers of alt-tuner.

The words section talks about the 100-page tuning theory primer that's included with the alt-tuner manual, as well as some short articles.

The music section links to my Bandcamp page and my Soundcloud page.

About me talks about my marimba/mbira band, my marimba teaching practice, instruments I've built, etc.

Links are about other alt-tonal websites and about other new and exciting midi innovations.

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